Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fallin all over you (Autumn arrives)


  1. Makes me want to fast forward right through spring and summer-- we'll not really. Your garden in original and inspiring, Billy.

  2. Thanks M, I think after almost 25 years of this gardens life it has fully arrived at where i wanted it to be. The mountain and the surrounding farmlands have 2 distinct seasons...Green and brown! I have endeavoured to create a garden which was in sympathy/harmony with the bigger picture and so too our climate!
    My blend of evergreen and the other types of plants have been the greatest challenge for this harmony. In the GREEN times (for me the least interesting) the evergreens within the garden dominate to match the scene outside and the reverse is of course what you see in this batch of photos now. This BROWN is is sort of our equivalent of your winter (in not so snowy area's) and Fall! Do you think i should start a movement????

  3. Replies
    1. M, there was more than a dollop of facetiousness in my movement comment..... every movement needs a mover and shaker.. (or a shadow writer/promoter)

  4. I have Noorat in my weather app and noticed you've had much more moderate temps of late, and now I see rain. Beautiful.