Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mr James Golden and Phillip called. ( 3 old Farts at play?)

One of the worlds truly great garden makers. 

At Camperdown Civic Centre Gardens. (Corangamite Shire, Victoria, Australia.)

At 'Wigandia' Noorat.


  1. We thought hard about thinkin but gave up ..we tried to play it, we really did.

    1. Or at least I did! Absolutely fabulous to meet James after all these years of communication via electronic media! He was as I imagined him to be..a lovely fellow!

  2. Thank you for the tour and visit, Billy. Meeting you and seeing Wigandia (through both my camera view finder AND my peripheral vision!) was an experience of legend. A place of magic under a burning Australian sun.

  3. My absolute pleasure James and thank you! Oh I found a Canon lens cap in my garden....I think I should keep it as a memento! I had planed to have you plant a Palm tree but time was a disaster..... I have never before entertained the thought of having anyone plant anything in my blot on the landscape! Drat!

  4. Replies
    1. it can grow a strategic collection of images it has captured.

  5. Some future US winter / AU summer I'll perhaps make it down before I am too old. Then, I'll help you plant a some Chihuahuan Desert goodies I sneak on the plane:-)