Saturday, January 25, 2014



  1. Yet another stunning post of your sun-dried landscape, with dry-resistant accents all over.

    Returning from San Diego, where I wish someone could wipe eucalyptus from every skyline view and replace with So Cal natives, even if smaller in stature and not many trees at all (9" rain / year). But seeing them in your garden and environs, and so many many others that are not so dominating over your nature, seems a better way.

    1. David you noticed they key elements that hold the equation together! If you get the bones right the rest is a dawdle ..Roses I use but blend them into other stuff so when they have a down time they are hardly noticed!
      The Euc by and large does not belong in small to medium gardens..they are horrendous from a root perspective etc etc. I rather think they look right in the Californian landscape BUT the Monterey Cypress looks dreadful here..that goodness many are now succumbing to some cancer..bye bye!

  2. Belatedly, big thanks for the 'pick of kniphofias' link. Muchos appreciated!

  3. William: First, your garden is gorgeous. As with James's, I just scroll through the pictures with my jaw dropped, muttering "amazing."

    Sadly, the old TV dish (on my blog) belongs to the embassy. Someone will probably buy it at auction to use as the roof of their house.

  4. Thanks very much Cindy. I have approached a USA publisher asking if they would consider a joint book by James and I..' A tale of 2 Hemispheres." rough title. I think James and i despite the climate difference have created landscapes with very similar philosophies and would complimeent each other well. We wait patiently for an answer and I for one am not holding my breath! I think the concept to be too left field for the $ crunching publishing world! I might have to put in a bid for that dish!!