Tuesday, January 28, 2014

oh oh


  1. Et Voila! I like your wavy hedge. Is it box that you've clipped?

  2. Bloody French words... It is box and grown from cuttings years ago from a friends old mid 19c garden (old for Australia) I probably have more box hedges now than it! (most was pulled out due to gasp fashion change) I am somewhat disturbed you call it a a wavy hedge...not my intention as that concept is too easy and not particularly challenging. The effect I am after is a certain brutality of angles etc..lets say more industrial (another cliché...woops a bloody French word)) This hedge was the standard shape for 20 years and it was oh so boring to clip but ok to look at and a pain to have it looking just right! I had the greatest fun changing it..interestingly as it was altered over a few days it was clipped to fit the mood of the day and some parts are much better than others and yes some wavy section slipped in but I will amend that when I can be bothered! I do not clip very often and sometimes it will go without for 2 years..I can get away with this lazy way because i do not feed and water so the growth is very manageable! I might ask Mr Golden to stay another half day and he can re model it to his liking!!
    And yes it is BOX!

  3. Makes me think about my box. Amazing that I grow it in mud and you grow it in volcanic soil. I can't speak French though. Also this is the first time I've seen bracken in your garden.

    Oops. Talking plants.