Saturday, October 26, 2013

A garden area I designed in a William Guilfoyle garden about 20 years ago.

The garden (Dalvui) is only a couple of miles away and where our cottage originated from. (cut in half and transport up the mount on trucks!) This is the first time I have seen the garden for about 15 years I think!

The house...

The new garden area I designed and planted. A lot of the finer underplanting detail has been lost.

The 'Pavillion' I designed to fit in with the 'Edwardian/Federation/Queen Anne' style of the main house etc was a shelter for viewing tennis on the old court on one side and the 'new' garden on the other.(the 'new' garden was mentioned in Christopher Lloyds book 'Other peoples gardens' .. a rather dull tome!)
The owner some years later removed the court and added this more formal reflection of my more 'relaxed' equation! All of it works very well together but methinks some urgent restoration work is required.

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