Monday, March 25, 2013

My school in Thailand.

One of us has to go!

My Godfather this is way too neat! (circa 1999)

Ah they were fun to make!

Another time,another place.

Nothing lost and nothing gained.

I decided to belt back a huge amount of the gardens woody vegetation...never before have i hit so many area's at the one time and it has opened up all these low level vista's some of which have not been seen before! I enjoy the evolution of stuff when i let things have their head but to  be  the fat controller in response and also sympathy with whatever element I give new prominence too is wonderful stuff and so very refreshing. Not for me the gardens set in aspic..they are not alive enough for this brown duck.
I was thinking about what will be left of all the various 'coats' the garden has had in it almost 25yr old life and cast away any concerns about what is gone. (but not forgotten) This garden has no master plan and therefore no one in the future (what in hell is that) can play 'wigandia' expert and 'reinstate' what it once was. 
I have long toyed with getting a bob-cat to clear all but tree's (your cup of tea) and to create or not create something a new..but time has caught up with me and that is sure to happen in the future anyway when someone buys the place for its position and nor necessarily its content.
The paths badly need a few truckloads of scoria as they (the fitted carpet) are becoming somewhat threadbare..but i cannot justify the cost of that.
It will be somewhat fitting AND very Australian for what was/is regarded as one of the most 'noted' gardens created in the time span of Australia's Open Garden Scheme period to bite the dust from whence it came.