Sunday, December 29, 2013

leaving the plump and boring of Spring behind..Summer heat brings out the best! +++


  1. I can almost feel the heat, except my hands are not getting it so far. The forms of your plants in that light and the land / skies beyond are rapturous!

    1. Umm I am getting the hang of this blog thing! Read my comment below!

  2. Thanks David. Before I began making this garden I had thought many gardens are over treed at the expense of all that lovely sky!(not to mention all the root issues) The sky is a HUGE design component. (gee that sounds Californian...) Summer is yet to become nasty as it can be in this part of the world. (up to 45c with very strong Northerly winds bringing heat in from the interior) i do not irrigate and allow and enjoy the plant stress (like a summer 'fall') immensely. I reckon many plants are at their best under stress but few garden makers allow that aspect to shine through. I often choose plants which 'stress' well.