Saturday, August 3, 2013

Well I can trust YOU Billy to come up with something no-one else has. Hooray. There's a style of gardening called the William Martin style, wild, woolly, spastic, elegant, broad, thought-out, experiential, winding all over, slap in your face, new and old at once. Thank you mate. Nobody does it better...

Thanks a bunch Faisal you have lifted my spirits considerably are some spastic pain no gain they say.


  1. That transistor thing looks like an Indian long-boat or Cinderella going off to a disco.
    Maybe if Martians can get here they have bugs that can get here too?
    There's nothing better for a chair than to be thrown.
    Those Aloe blooms are fantastic.

  2. I agree with Faisal, Billy. I often think about experimenting and pushing my boundaries of creativity when I look at your gardens. You have some very funkadelic plants that you can grow that I can't. I keep plugging away at what feels right, and what I can grow, here in New Hampshire. I hear James Golden is considering a visit. I would be very jealous if he does. For now, I will get a vicarious thrill checking out your garden from my computer.