Friday, February 1, 2013

Its been very dry...


  1. You're looking Californian Billy. The dryness really tests the garden, doesn't it?
    I'm sure Wigandia is hanging in there.

  2. Hi Faisal, Not sure about the Californian comment but sure to a certain degree...i liken the current state of affairs to the dry Australia bush. (forest)The general 'untidiness' is very much part of that look too! gardens can be so very neat and square which for me misses the point..which leads me to James of the Twist..he would fully understand what i am on about...Thanks James.

  3. Amazing scenes and forms, but Australia seems to have more of those than even the SW US! Nice for dry, as others said. And nice and warm...

  4. Monsieur Martin,

    Your garden looks very spiffy for such a droughty environ.

    33 photos, a bit of a treat.

    Au revoir