Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beam us down.

"The relentless drumbeat of consumerism into every corner of our lives has led to extreme shortsightedness, consumer addictions, and the shriveling of compassion.
"As individuals, we need to regain the balance of our own lives between work and leisure, saving and consumption, self-interest and compassion, individualism and citizenship.
"As a society, we need to establish the right relationship of markets, politics, and civil society.
"Buddha and Aristotle hit upon a remarkably similar prescription for the long-term happiness of humanity.
"The essential teaching of both Buddha and Aristotle is that the path of moderation is the key to fulfillment but it is hard won and must be pursued through lifelong diligence, training, and reflection.
"We will need, in short, to achieve a new mindfulness regarding our needs as individuals and as a society, to find a more solid path to well-being."