Wednesday, September 26, 2012

best garden experiences....

It seems I am rated as '
one of the 10 Best Garden Experiences' in this book just released in the UK..I must say this time around I am very flattered as friend Rory Stuart has a most discerning 'eye'..he has travelled extensively around the world absorbing  gardens and to be slotted in the top 10 bracket  internationally is indeed an honour. Australia's open garden org and the Monty Don show really stuffed up wot!  Dum dee daaaaaa! Oh and please don't forget I did not attend Burnley or Ryde horticultural colleges so one couldn't possibly be a garden designer could one


  1. I look forward to seeing this book.

  2. Well done, Billy! And a great book to be in such a great place in.

    Will be reviewed soon in


  3. And a great book to be in such a great place in.
    Anne forgive me as i suffer jetlag...but..this reads a little Irish?

  4. great place, as in top 10? Congratulations and what fun!