Friday, June 24, 2011

Thus spake Noel Kingsbury

NK seems to have positioned himeself as the voice for the wilderness in the UK garden scene and it seems the USA have taken to him (the prairie crowd) according to an article he published on a blog. (don't wish to promote them)
It read as a rather smug and condescending tip the lid to the USA as all 'growed up' and getting it right because SOME folk have discovered this 'prairie' thing as the way to go.
I find this paragraph to be somewhat amusing and i am quite sure old Christo (Christopher Lloyd)  if he were alive might say otherwise.

For those of you who would wish to remind me what I have just said about inappropriate plantings in landscape halfway across the world, what actually appeals to us is that the prairie stuff fits into our landscapes far better than the (mostly) Southern Hemisphere spikies that have become popular over the last few years: phormiums, yuccas, kniphofias. A prairie planting in front of a range of British hills, woods and hedge-divided fields does not look that out of place."

(Just how many UK gardeners enjoy the luxury of "a range of British hills, woods and hedge-divided fields " ?)

I would like to know who the 'us' are ..I am quite sure the 'many' who have enjoyed some selected 'spikies' like Kniphofia,Yucca etc would have something entirely different to say.
I tried to post a comment on the above  blog to no avail..its seems the moderators of that site only want 'fluffy' comments and do not wish to enter into any 'real' discussion. ('wild' indeed!)

welcome to the show

the 'prairie' we have when we don't try too hard!

Prairie boots



Anti-IHF trap.