Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weed me up Scotty

MY new Blog

Some of you may have noticed I have moved to 'blogger'! My last blog with 'Posterous' clocked up over 25,000 visitors in about 7 months but many visitors found it difficult to post comments and as i value your input large and small here we are with a shiny new blog! I will endeavor to keep the content free and easy and keep commercial links etc to a minimum. It is NOT a selling site but one of  enthusiasm for the craft/art of gardens and to a lesser degree gardening!
As commented by a friend and colleague there needs to me more inquisitiveness and less acquisitiveness in this field and indeed any other!
I warmly welcome you ALL to my celebration.

Cordyline baueri (Norfolk Island)

I purchased this Cordyline as the 'Norfolk Island' cabbage tree purple form.
Cordyline baueri Purpurea ?

Does your garden have a brain?