Friday, July 8, 2011

my seers


  1. They are prickly, your peers, by the look of it, Billy, but they relate well to positioning.
    I love that old chair.
    Isn't it soon that you have a birthday, methinks?
    What would you like as a present?

  2. Ha.. those chairs are great..probably from the 50s and I could use a few more!
    Alas b/d been and gone and as the great au musician Phil Rudd (Spectrum)once wrote..'what the world needs is a new pair of socks' ..I have mine!

  3. thanks for you kind thought Faisal. Mucho appreciated.

  4. I see a flying formation of flying saucers with aliens. That's fun gardening.

  5. Thanks T..these are the bottom sections of century old air vents for an old church or hall and the cacs are very happy installed in plasic pots feeding or watering etc