Sunday, July 10, 2011

haircut one hundred

I got bored with these and removed em!


  1. These look absolutely fantastic, Billy. A great combination, the formal and the wild.

  2. Interesting choice...the word 'playful' is not usually one that I'd associate with Wigandia, nut these seem to gesture in that direction.

  3. I'll 'ave 'em.

    Aren't these outside your front door?

    What conifer are they?

  4. they were Juniperus 'Spartan' ..I did not know this form when i planted them and they of course grew way bigger than the label told me..(never trust plant labels) and so were clipped..I loved em and miss the shade they cast when the sun is setting for photographic work..they were a little too 'iconic' for me and about 3 years i got the chainsaw out..not particularly good firewood!
    And yes near the front entrance.