Sunday, July 3, 2011



  1. Hi Billy,

    #5 and 6 are very nice. What's the glittery bokeh in #5?

  2. Hi Tony ..thanks and it is moisture on the scant leaves!

  3. Hi Billy

    I like the chair, those I dare say if you sit on iy you may get a rusty arse.

    Thanks for the tip about propagating ivy at it's mature stage. I have a mature ivy outside the living room window. It flowers and berry's every autumn. I've had to start cutting it back though as it's a magnet for hornets. I quite like hornets, they ain't aggressive but they're a bit disconcerting being so big. I'm actually quite aware as I write this that you are, in fact an aussie and as such, have 120% of the world's most poisonous species. Hornet's, kid's stuff!

  4. Some seats are not for sitting on..rusty arse is the least of my worries! I am a Scot and still retain a UK passport..why I don't know!
    We do have plenty poisonous critters..including Copperhead snakes in the warmer months but they are passive (but deadly) and rather beautiful and I leave them alone as they want! The nastiest creature around here is the recently introduced Euro wasp believe it or not..
    Ivy as you know loses its 'fingers' on maturity and settles into a roundish leaf.

  5. Billy I know you are a Scot.

    I know the Euro wasp. Nasty vespa.