Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hurry up Spring!


  1. From where I am sitting, I am thinking slow down summer. These last few posts have been beautiful.

  2. Michael our climate is collusive to a plant equation of year round 'display'..if plants are chosen wisely. Sure we can get the odd 45 degree's and minor frosts and some plants might look a little 'off' after such events! I use a central core of plants which hold the place together whatever the weather and infill stuff which when in 'down' mode are absorbed by the former. Its an equation which would work in any climatical zone IF and i say again IF one finds the equation that suits the given situation. The lack of research by garden makers wherever they may live I find astounding..Just imagine the food a Chef would produce without prior knowledge of the ingredients!
    The garden industry of course prefers and promotes 'perennial beginners'..tis good for business!