Monday, June 27, 2011

Echium flower buds in early Winter..much too early!


  1. I just love these plants so much.
    By the way do you grow the giant lobelia in your garden?

  2. Hi S,
    I did have one of those Gorilla Lobelis'a but it weakened after a couple of flowering s and did not I suspect like the drought or under-story of Vinca major!

  3. I have a old quarry here and have allowed Echiums to spread at will..some interesting crossings between candicans and pininana

  4. Ah Echiums.

    Do you grow geranium maderense?

  5. Hi Rob, yes always seem to have a couple about the place which is great as they have great form and foliage... My fav of that tribe..well species Pelargonium is the south african absolute corker plant and one of the best plants i have found for the last few years.
    the photos here do not do it justice!